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About Me

It is known amongst the birth community that to practice as a doula is not so much a profession as a calling. To hold space for a mother, her child, and her partner in the sacred process of birth is the greatest honor, and one which I take on with the utmost joy. 

I am privileged to have trained under the great Lori Bregman and Katherine Deeb, who have been a incredible mentors to me.  Under their mentorship I learned about the fascinating and magical transformation that is pregnancy and birth, as well as the sacred role the doula gets to play. 

As a doula, my mission is to empower my clients through education, mindfulness, and emotional support to enable them to have the joyous and transformational birth of their dreams.

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My Practice

My practice is wholly and completely built to support mamas from the earliest stages of pregnancy till you meet your baby. My package includes prenatal education, exploration of birth intention, creation of a birth plan, coping and preparation modalities for an empowered birth, birth photography, and my presence and facilitation through the magical process or labor and birth.

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